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I've tried defragging multiple times to fix this. I don't understand. I'm able to tell that, this is what it is as it usually stutters just as it crashes to desktop (CTD's) or stutters infinitely as it simultaneously freezes. Move to help section and sticky! #11 Rapstah, Sep 30, 2007 CyberPitz Party Escort Bot Joined: Aug 23, 2004 Messages: 24,854 Likes Received: 2 Rapstah said: ↑ Awesome! http://zuneuser.com/half-life/halflife2-steam-problem.php

If i wait it still wont work. And my temperature for everything is normal.So the problem is after i have loaded the game and i enter a room and start playing after about 10-20 mins the game freezes, It only happens if the game is 3D (for example Rogue Spear or Half-life). 2D games (like starcraft or red alert 2) play wonderfully. I'd stay with XP), and I'm not in a position to un/reinstall it.Well, here's the deal. https://steamcommunity.com/app/220/discussions/0/846958223077274345/

Half Life 2 Stuttering Fix

Could this be a issue with my hard drive,(inside the console),or the game itself(installed) More replies Relevance 45.1% Question: Game freezing Hello, New to the forums I have built my computer Haven't been able to confirm if a different mouse causes the same problem or not, I have used one but so far it has not. I then tried new and old drivers. The only possible damage that can be done is if you screw up the registry while editing it.Click to expand... #13 Akai Kishi, Oct 1, 2007 DiSTuRbEd Newbie Joined: Aug

Here are my results: Now, I know you are convinced that it is absolutely not a buffering issue and you have done nice testing to that end; however, I would still i'm not to fond of this whole steam thing. It happened on my old computer and I tried everything I could think of to make it work. Half Life Stuttering You can get drivers manually, but if you don't know how, let me know and I will show you how to do it, or you can get them automatically via this

Deleted game caches. Half Life 2 Freezing So I don't suspect the RAM, I presume if it was a compatibility problem it would have been apparent from the start. I'll try to dust out the inside of the computer, although I have no idea how to decrease the CPU temperatures. Thanks, Mark Answer:PC sound stutters Quote: Originally Posted by mickelsen This may be a little OT, but I don't know where else to turn.

The movie is one hour twentynine minutes long. Half Life 2 Loading Times Fix Now the sound from mp3's on my hard drives starts and stops as though they were badly stuttering and programs are slow to launch. In that time I got no problem with that (though it was a bit annoying), but recently, some of my old games don?t run even after more trials. Read more 2 more replies Relevance 52.89% Question: sound freezes and screen goes blue Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

Half Life 2 Freezing

i bought'm all and was willing to buy hl2. http://www.valvetime.net/threads/brand-new-fix-for-looping-sound-crash-pagedpoolsize.131328/ Windows update noticed I changed drivers and asked me to install the previous one I had again. Half Life 2 Stuttering Fix Read more Answer:Computer freezing when playing game Hello Agaetis,Try running the steps listed in the malware removal forum. Hl2 Stuttering Bug My comp specs are AMD Athlon xp 3200+ 2.21ghz nVidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra 1gb memory Chaintech 7NJZ ZENITH Borton motherboard nforce 2....

Have you tried the command "-dxlevel 90"; similar to "-dxlevel 81"? #21 Akai Kishi, Oct 3, 2007 soulslicer Tank Joined: Mar 16, 2007 Messages: 4,627 Likes Received: 2 wow, this navigate here I am running a downloaded (Steam) version of HL2 on Vista Home Prem with all the latest updates etc. everything works in safe mode but now it sometimes freezes. After 5 Min, Some Time Just For 2-3 Sec. Half Life 2 Loading Times

I've tried several of the sound system forums but haven't gotten any help. I have an aftermarket fan on it already.........opened the case and blew air on it with a fan.....still freezing. back on topic stuttering thing is annoying but it didn't bother me much besides i kinda accepted the fact that when a pc game just comes out somethings gotta be wrong http://zuneuser.com/half-life/half-life-2-crashes.php you have to have steam account running while installing.

valve.. they're doing this to prevent piracy and keep cost/profit ration as good as it can be. I disabled the Realtek via the Device Manager (but not BIOS?) Does anyone have any suggestions?

with out dated drivers :p and its an emachine to top that.

c++ error can also do to do with #1 memory error#2 playing with system cache again ehm? - by

Oh, and yes, if you want to change the pool back just make the value 0. i start to run half life and it starts to update. "please oh please!" i cry, "my game run just fine without any updates!" i would feel a little better if what about people with download limits? I would Appreciate your input.

I was still able to Alt-Tab out of the game and everything else still runs fine(even other games -wow, league..) I have tried updating windows and drivers, I thought my page ehm? I also have it running at high settings), and it's stutters/freezes, then resumes again. http://zuneuser.com/half-life/half-life-2-freezes-during-gameplay.php OK Learn More Home Search Forums Featured Threads Archive Recent Activity Recent Posts Forums Search Forums Recent Posts Members Notable Members Current Visitors Recent Activity 0 0 Guest Your Profile Page

However Diablo 3 (Beta) did it from an options menu, and Super Monday Night Combat did it 4 seconds into game start. Each says its working fine.I use a 'Verizon Wireless aircard connection' if that makes any difference, which I don't know that it would.After some other research, I saw things like 'disable Ubuntu does not share the same issues as Windows 7 is experiencing at all. I am unable to open task manager or get back to the desktop, the only thing I can do is reboot.

can i have some of your money, i'll proudly mail you a turd in return, you dummy ) they're doing this to prevent piracy and keep cost/profit ration as good as The last bluescrren error message said it had a timeout failure and when i start the computer back up i get a message saying, Files that help describe the problem: C:\Windows\Minidump\Mini121810-01.dmp I've been having this issue where, whenever I move my mouse, audio, video, and general responsiveness stutters, and becomes jerky, if even affects outgoing voice, in VoIP, my voice will become moving on..

Cyranomad: undefined Answer:freecell game freezing or hanging found a couple of things-http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;304402&Product=w98http://www.freecellwizard.com/index.html?src=fcorg 1 more replies Relevance 43.87% Question: Game freezing while playing games I am a pretty intense gamer and have Previous to all that before finding people were having this issues I set my clockrate back to default for my FX5950 and everything runs cool and, I don't OC my main I was playing homeworld and it froze right in the game. I used to be able to play a couple of games, but today my computer completely freezes up a few minutes into each match and has to be powered down completely

Hmmm, The first problem sounds like you're have artifacts. Hello. This is accompanied with a series of 'static' lines dancing across the screen and the souns cutting out to a static whine. Or must I insert the following part into the in-game console: sv_autosave 0? #112 Zombirate View Profile View Posts 7 Oct, 2014 @ 1:36pm @Janter autoexec.cfg is located (going from

btw, this all happened when i tried to overclock (which this mobo sucks at doing) and i set all my settings back to default.