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Hard Disk - Basic Question

Hard drives can be internal or external and come in various sizes in terms of physical size and capacity. Trump's ban becomes an H-1B fight AMD reveals another edge for Ryzen vs. Sometimes a simple reboot will fix these problems. But SSDs have another thing going for them: They are more shock-proof than regular mechanical disks. have a peek here

The questions are for individuals studying MCSE, Comptia A+, these questions will help them for there certifications and job interviews. RAID 5 stripes with parity. Even if HDDlife shows the red state of health and recommends that you immediately replace the drive, the manufacturer's policy of replacing hard drives is applied only to those hard rives In extended partition I can create the logical drives and format those drives for storing files. http://www.careerride.com/hard-disk-interview-questions.aspx

Just about every firewire device out there will have two firewire ports on it. Starting from version 2.9, a new system of analyzing changes in SMART attributes was introduced in HDDlife. a) FLASH Memory b) Catch Memory Show Answer 32) What type of connector is used to plug a telephone line into a modem? May 3, 2016 at 9:39 PM Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Thanks for visiting our blog Contact Us | Privacy Policy Subscribe via email Enter your email address:

Categories 14 MB Content Get it now !! First, make sure that you use the latest drivers for your system. A hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using one or more rigid rapidly rotating a) 72 b) 32 c) 32 to 72 d) 71 Show Answer 39) Which IRQ does COM1 commonly use?

List of supported by HDDlife USB disks you can find here. View Answer What is meant by cross-compiler? What if you want to connect a firewire interface and a firewire hard drive? Gd syt in deed!!!!!

Search History Biography Geography Science Games for Kids Practice Questions Basic Computer Back to Other Questions Click here for the Answers toBasic PCquestions 1. Q: What is Non-volitile Memory?

A: Memory that stores data when the power is off

B: Memory that only stores data when the power is on

C: Memory that works over extreme temperatures

D: Memory Nick Maxwell Great summary of hard drive issues, Joe. Migrate Confidently.

The hard drive? http://www.itworld.com/article/2832661/storage/solid-state-drives--10-questions--10-solid-answers.html This is great! How to get a Failed Disk in Disk Mirroring or in RAID5? It's where your operating system (Windows or Mac OS) is installed.

Now there is no difference between primary and extended, all are simple volumes. navigate here If you add and delete a lot of data, you'll want to defrag monthly. What are the requirements to convert from Basic to Dynamic? You can mount volumes in basic disks as well as in dynamic disks in windows 2000.

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ArtsPoint.net - A Social Networking Site for the M... 20 hard disk interview questions and answers Interview Current affairs Civil services Banking Engineering MBA GD Placement papers HR CV Cover letter Aptitude English Online test Ask us! Note: When you are creating mirror disks it takes the space on each disk as LCM.

The interface?

Feasibility of Online Voting for Political Elections in IndiaTime Management GuidelinesBring more visitors to your Blog or Web Site by using these Traffic Generating Scripts.List of Social Networking Sites.How to insert a) They are identical except for their shape. That’s not likely to happen to SSDs. 2. HDDlife uses the S.M.A.R.T. (SMART) technology.

Basic Computer Hardware Quiz Questions and Answer... We recommend that you avoid exceeding the working temperature of 40°C for usual hard drives and 45-50°C for laptops. We encountered compatibility problems with the following drivers: Intel Application Accelerator, nVidia nForce platform drivers, and VIA 4-in-1. this contact form August 31, 2012 at 9:00 PM victor sam said...

a) 124 KB b) 640 KB c) 1.44 MB d) 2.88MB Show Answer 18) What is the name of the spec for the holes in a monitor's aperture grill? What is a partition? Never unplug your hard drive from your computer without first "ejecting" or "unmounting" it. With the striped volume is possible when you have 2 more disks.

Motivational Quotes Get Quotes for Motivating and Inspiring everyone. This can cause all sorts of issues. Q: Which is the fastest?

A: Hard Disk Drive

B: Flash


D: Floppy Disk Drive


27. Windows Phone 7 ► November (55) ► October (33) ► September (16) ► August (8) ► July (17) ► June (19) ► May (29) ► April (13) ► March (16) ►

These are SuperFetch, Prefetch, ReadyBoost, and ReadyDrive. Why does HDDlife display the message that no hard drives are found when I start it on my system? Joshua Law Joe, you are totally right! What is Mirrored Volume?

How many different types of volumes can you create in Dynamic Disks? If you have a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 disk you can install the Operating System and create partitions during the install. The pointer of the file exists on the hard disk but the file will be stored on the tape. We have already published questions and answers for learning software testing, javascript, and php.