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Hard Drive Size Limitations?


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Welcome Image and Text We believe in the long term value of Apple hardware. I wish to add a 1 terrabyte drive. After a couple days I tried again and it still did not appear. Bill 4 years ago Reply [email protected] Even the title of this article is misleading .. this contact form

Search Search Low End Mac Donations Donations This Month If Low End Mac helps you, help us keep Low End Mac running with your donation. We're not referring to the operating system and its file system here, we're referring to the I/O system that was designed around a DOS-BIOS. Old BIOS-based PCs and older Macs have a 2 TB ceiling, and the workaround is a PC or Mac that uses EFI and runs a 64-bit operating system. The ATA Interface The ATA interface is a register driven, parallel bus.

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I've read several places that Windows doesn't support sector sizes greater than 512 bytes. Microsoft Windows operating systems support two different SCSI standards when it comes to reads and writes. However I've been using this config for a while with no adverse affects. So again the math leaves us at 2,199,023,255,040 or 2TB. (2^32)-1 = (4,294,967,296)-1 = 4,294,967,295 clusters 4,294,967,295 clusters * 512 bytes/cluster = = 2,199,023,255,040 bytes or 2TB Here is a quick

It is important to note that the first sector is defined as sector number 1 as no sector 0 (zero) exists. Biostar P4M80 M4 and I can't find much info about it on Biostar's website . Lets say I wanted to buy 2 2tb HDDs for a total of 4tb. Hard Disk Drive Storage Capacity Many BIOSes couldn't handle such disks. (See, e.g., Asus upgrades for new flash images that work.) Linux kernels older than 2.2.14 / 2.3.21 need a patch.

When a file is read, the file manager reads the directory to locate the file on the disk and then reads the file. Does this mean I can format a 1 terabyte drive under Windows XP Pro running Service Pack 3 and use it with this motherboard? Tested fine in both the main bay AND the upgrade bay. The first ATA specification increased that to 28-bit addressing to support drives up to 137 GB (128 GiB).

See over4gb.htm. Hard Disk Capacity Calculation The problem is that with the default 16 heads and 63 sectors/track this corresponds to a number of cylinders of more than 65535, which does not fit into a short. Hardware Limits3. GPT disks use an 8 byte field.

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Figure 2 Register Cylinder Low Cylinder High Sector Number Device / Head ATA address registers Understanding ATA address registers can be confusing at best, so take your time and re-read the have a peek at these guys Is it the BIOS? Hard Disk Capacity List That is why when faced with need to format a 2Tb drive you are offered many possible cluster sizes .. Hard Disk Capacity Range Reply to Neil Jones ZorgJun 30, 2008, 4:47 AM Neil Jones said: "Yeah, that and the fact that SATA 2 is complete BS.

We hope the following will provide you with a better understanding of the limitations and barriers associated with higher capacity disk drives, along with some of the solutions being implemented to weblink But because programs etc often REQUIRE 512 , modern drives actually EMULATE '512' for that reason .. The minimum unit the hard disk drive controller can access is the sector, meaning that if it has to read just one byte from a given sector, it must read the This doesn’t really allow you to increase the partition size. Capacity Of Hard Disk In Computer

Some older PCs with an Award or AMI BIOS have a capacity limitation of 36 GB (33.8 GiB), and "traditional" ATA has the 137 GB/128 GiB limitation noted above, so it Can you elaborate on why MS puts the limit on sector size at 512bytes perhaps? When a file is to be written, *the file manager reads the current directory on the disk to determine where the file may be written, adds an entry to the directory navigate here Exceeding the limitations Each limitation has a way of getting around it.

Should i partition the 4 tb? Hard Disk Drive Strengths That's what my SSD is for. Reply to Zorg Neil JonesJun 30, 2008, 5:23 AM Very helpful.

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Robert 47 years ago Reply Robert Mitchell [MSFT] NOTE: This is a three year old blog post that I did before 4k drives really started to become popular. Not counting the buffer, which is too small to make a real difference. Online since 1999. Maximum Hard Disk Size Copyright ©1995-2003 DEW Associates Corporation.

Depending on what you doing, this might be a workaround for you. 2 years ago Reply Robert Mitchell [MSFT] Hi Mike. Biostar P4M80 M4 and I can't find much info about it on Biostar's website . If so how do I determine what the largest size hard drive my BIOS can support? his comment is here Join LEM on Social Media Join LEM on Social Media!

I take it there is no way for me to upgrade to SATA II without changing the motherboard which I would rather not do?