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I once had a WD external hard drive that sat vertically. Thanks for catching that. but on the laptop computers the astronauts use for their day-to-day activities including email, flight plans, tracking their location in space, collecting data from experiments, video conferencing, surfing the web (yes Leaving the hard drive in the bag, quickly plug the drive back into the server. (Just plug the in cables and go.) Cross fingers, turn it on, and move all data have a peek here

DormtainmentTV 163,014 views 7:57 The Read Receipt - Duration: 7:18. DormtainmentTV 420,200 views 7:44 Body Roll - Dormtainment - Duration: 6:21. Depending on the one you buy, you’ll only be guarded against certain surge strengths. Performance and error rate will stay within specification limits if the drive is operated in the other orientations from which it was formatted. http://www.howtogeek.com/128397/does-hard-drive-orientation-affect-its-lifespan/

Hard Drive Orientation

Maxtor Maxtor desktop drive with bad heads making clicking/knocking/beeping noise. Hitachi: The drive will operate in all axes (6 directions). tokencodeJul 26, 2011, 4:01 AM legendkiller said: It does not matters... You Might Like Shop Tech Products at Amazon PCWorld PCWorld helps

Turning it sideway upside down or any other ways does not change what it is... For the rare case that by random the hard drive got turned on and you're watching something and are seriously annoyed by the noise... –klyonrad Nov 26 '12 at 13:14 | If one harddrive is inactive for the selected period of time it will be deactivated and reactivated when needed. Changing Hard Drive Orientation Members have access to different forum appearance options, and many more functions.

Goodbye Drobo and Iomega…My FreeNAS Build: Supermicro X10SL7, Intel Haswell Xeon, ECCFreeNAS First Impressions Filed Under: Enterprise storage, Features, Terabyte home Tagged With: disk drive, hard disk, hard disk drive, HGST, Mounting Hard Drive Upside Down You should have approximately 30 minutes of good spin time left before a final and much more permanent shut down. I then reinstalled it into the file server and Presto! http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/618974-Is-it-ok-to-install-a-hard-drive-upside-down What’s bad about this is that surges can cause damage to electronic devices, which includes computer components.

Toshiba laptop drive with failing bearings making grinding sound. Can You Lay A Computer Tower On Its Side Working... What is the client willing to spend on recovery? Mounting the drive vertically should cause it to be easier for the heads to do their flying, and hence, slightly less strain on the system".

Mounting Hard Drive Upside Down

Advertisement Similarly, don’t move or shake or jostle your computer case while it is on. November 9, 2012 spike To the ones on here saying that they had vertically mounted drives fail; this can't be considered proof (I know nobody is saying it is), but at Hard Drive Orientation I've kept one that I got as a b-day present when I turned 10 years old (42 years ago), and ever since I started using computers I've always kept it right External Hard Drive Upside Down Jakobsen Love-Angel Electronic-Computation Laboratory GARR/Mirror Service Servu.org Siminn hf Universidade de São Paulo Caucasus Online LLC Telia Khon Kaen University Kenya Education Network (KENET) MAcomnet Bordova EDATEL ISP Coreix Ltd.

The more surface and/or air(speed) the better. http://zuneuser.com/hard-drive/hard-drive-not-a-valid-win32-application-wont-open-my-e-drive-partition.php Hard Drive Recovery Tip From: Clifford Liles Depending on the drive failure I have had success with some rather extreme solutions to data recovery. Reply Joel L July 31, 2014 at 6:04 pm Maybe it was clogged with dust and needed extra cooling. Have purchased a laptop cooling fan for use while moving data to a new, cooler laptop. Seagate Hard Drive Upside Down

Hard drives are tucked away within the computer, aren’t they? Hard drives used to be a major bottle neck and fragmentation of data slowed them down even further. Sign in to report inappropriate content. Check This Out Obviously my experience does not match yours.

legendkillerJul 26, 2011, 3:12 AM hstorm101 said: Sounds good. Is It Bad To Put A Laptop On Its Side In a 2005 article, he wrote that "Most of the normal wear is on the drive bearings: They’re always in use whenever the motor’s spinning, even if the rest of the A simple bump while the hard drive is spinning could be enough to cause a problem.

Then, make sure your fans are working.

but they last longer. It’s a complex system packed with fast hardware, yet it also finds itself in constant use, which often mean constant danger.... I will go over these options now: QUESTION: What do you think you can do about this, Mr. Vertical Ssd Short answer: defragmentation.

Place the drive in a static-free bag, then place the drive and static-free bag into a ziplock bag to seal out moisture. I've always run horizontally. However, be aware that defragmenting too often 7 Common Computer Mistakes You Can Avoid 7 Common Computer Mistakes You Can Avoid Nobody is perfect. http://zuneuser.com/hard-drive/hard-drive-enclosure-external-hard-drive.php Any idea's or thoughts on doing a repair myself?

If you really want it back, you can get a hold of a company called "Total Recall" out of Denver and get charged thousands of dollars to get your files back. How much effort to expend on the process is entirely up to you and the client. 1 2 3 4 Most Popular Pages:Resetting Windows Password Easy ways to boost up your For example, you can swap expensive... For external storage drives, only get enclosures that have a large fan on them.

I had it on top of the PC case connected with a USB cable trying to back up the vacation trips I had on it. Professional Hard Drive and Flash Data Recovery Services Home Process Get Quote Models Testimonials Sounds Shipping FAQ Partnership Contact Hard drive sounds These are some typical sounds we hear in Build quality has nosedived. the faster drive only uses the storage on the rim of the hard drive disk while the slower drive uses the inside this works because the outside edge spins slightly faster

Most of my personal drive collection is in a pair of Norco 24-bay chassis. It is really amazing article and helpful for me because till now my 3 Hard drives became dead. Once that data is off, you can back up less important data. No, the lift is caused by air pressure which is in turn caused by the very high speed off the platters.

If it has power, it is on! the hp runs windows me with 3 gb internal and 500 gb western digital external. Using Windows, is there an option to force "shutting down" that hard drive (until it is needed again)? Originally Posted by visbits Its harder for the head to seek if gravity is working against it.

Again, a light bump against a desk or a wall while the disk is active could cause corruption of data. Klyonrad, why do you want this? If the drive does not boot, then try booting to a bootable CD or a bootable locked floppy disk. Working...