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Have A Q.Betrayal In Antara

Inside you'll find another note and a Brian's journal that explains the whole incident. Drop YYW give RGBuWW. After that, William, Aren, and the consort will be heading to Antara. Drop O get GGOYYP.

Now drop YP. Go to her house just accross the street. Show him Lokath's letter and he'll give you a job. Q : The guard of the Amphitheater won't let me in, where should I find the entrance tickets ? http://www.ag.ru/games/betrayal-in-antara/cheats/2045

INN: food rations, and resting. He'll order you to bring him back his wine before he wants to talk to you. Edit: my front end does not indicate an svga option, but VGA seems to work. [ 07-28-2005, 12:49 AM: Message edited by: Lucern ] Lucern View Public Profile Find More First, talk to his neighbour.

A : Talk to Khorus at the Pearl Spittoon Inn in Ganath. Then head into the Torlith swamp, east of the village. A : Remember where you have promised to meet Aren in Chapter 3 ??!! You'll actually meet the girl, Lizbeth, after you've talked to his father in this chapter.

Q : How can I finish this chapter ? SIDEQUESTS Q : Where should I plant these nudberries plants ? Fight Maris to the death and chase Kahlet to the outside world. Click on the hole, and you'll listen to the conversation the guards are having ....

Next drop OW. After that you run INSTALL.EXE and set the sound card to Sound Blaster. He'll runaway to Sortiga to his sister's house. Q : The death of Brian Castere, what is going on with him ?

It scares your opponents away. But it was too obvious. You'll meet Naku, the messenger, there. Type these phrase and press ENTER ask a glass of water : teleports party to where they were at the beginning of chapter some call me tim : during combat will

http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/raym...turn-to-krondor http://www.mobygames.com/game/betrayal-in-antara __________________                         _r.u.s.s. It will tells you about the ingredients to summon the wraith. Bring her to Balmestri. In return, the shopkeeper will give you a Montari chain mail armor.

He'll order you to find Lokath in Choth. NPC SHOP: Peerless Imports, Paolo Verazza (Quest NPC). Tongue coat: increase temporarely your "haggling". SORTIGA SHOP: herb powder, drums, nudberries, senwater, fidali leaves, rope.

He'll explain about the major's conspiracy with the pirate. Then visit Brian's grave and his house beside the inn. Drop BuR get YOWWW.

I didn't realize it was a time thing and not a travel thing.

The cabin is guarded by 3 men. A : Hey, nothing is free in this cruel world. INN: food. * CARDONESHOP: bow strings, arrows, beeswax, short bows. Drop YBu gives GGGWW.

A : Its a good idea to head quickly for the Henne's Shadow Inn (in the cities southeast corner), where you'll meet Aren's old friend, Scott Gratisi, who'll get the innkeeper And start playing Wizardry 8!! Drop BuBuYG. Please, try again later.

I just put it at the end of each chapter. The barman suggest you to find Perdugo the artist who made it. INN: food only. Or second just do what the scholar ask for you : DON'T READ THE BOOK and you will received 4 bowstrings, 8 beeswax, and 12 enchanted arrows.