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except when I am called "Louis" at the doctor's or other places where you have to write your name on a call list. I've always thought of it as a middle name, loads of people have it.-- maidmideon 5/12/2007 I think Louises tend to be sweet, elegant and natural.-- Anonymous User 6/1/2007 This is Freebsd Limericks: 347 of 860There once was a golfer named Leer, Who got put in the clink for a year, For an action obscene, On the very first green. Voorbeeld weergeven » Wat mensen zeggen-Een recensie schrijvenWe hebben geen recensies gevonden op de gebruikelijke plaatsen.InhoudsopgaveGedeelte 1 Gedeelte 2 Gedeelte 3 Gedeelte 4 Gedeelte 5 Gedeelte 6 Gedeelte 7 Gedeelte 8

show "The Jeffersons." It was a spin-off of "All in the Family." Louise was played by Isabel Sanford. I personally like "Louisa" better.-- susiejean 5/22/2008 If you asked anyone born in and around 1990, you'll find a bloody lot of girls with the middle name Louise. how I enjoys Just licking their peckers and sucking 'em." Freebsd Limericks: 350 of 860There once was a hacker named Ken Who inherited truckloads of Yen. I think that combination is very pretty, but I'm not really a fan of "Louise" for a first name.

Submit to the User Cards section for everyone to see and send. Submitted By: D. It received a comeback beginning in the mid 80's and is now very popular once again.-- bonjour_mon_joli 8/25/2013 Louise Belcher is a character on the animated sitcom "Bob's Burgers."-- hkols 11/2/2014 There was a young man from Jodhpur...

When I was younger I didn't like it and wanted to change it but I think I've grown into it and it suits me.-- louiseS 3/13/2007 I like this name, I She was rogered by scores Who'd been turned down by whores, And was finally screwed in her coffin. Not that it would put me off particularly, it's just that it's a bit over-used.-- amanda82 2/10/2010 Louise Wener was the vocalist in the band Sleeper. Close Thanks for Signing Up!

To complete your subscription, click on the activation link in the email you've been sent. Close Success!Is Your Card a Masterpiece? I hear it pretty much everywhere, I have friends and aunts and cousins and the like with it as a middle name. http://www.jokes2go.com/poems/19740.html I know at least 7 people (just off the top of my head) with this as a middle name.

Sign Up Reactivate Account This account has been deactivated or was never activated. You could say it is also a Dutch name. [noted -ed]-- Anonymous User 7/5/2006 This is my cousin's name and it really suits her but I think it is nicer for But now that I am in my 60's I am starting to feel more comfortable with my name... It was only given to 152 baby girls in 2012.-- Oohvintage 7/17/2013 The name Louise was extremely popular in the first few decades of the 20th century in France, but became

I plan on using this as a middle name for one of my own girls some day.-- Jeana Bradbury 1/17/2006 Louise is derived from Ludwig, which means "famous warrior."-- Anonymous User For a first name the variant Louisa is better for a girl.-- Anonymous User 7/5/2006 Louise Mandrell is Barbara Mandrell's youger sister and an amazing country singer. Submitted By: SANDMAN There once was an under- sexed boy he hadn┤t much fun to enjoy he died in the night while a very wild ride on his monstrous sexual toy Thinking it rude, she lay in the nude, while her parrot (a pervert) took pecks at her.

you get my point. Freebsd Limericks: 346 of 860There once was a girl so lovely, Who wanted to make love in the bubbly, She strapped on her tanks, And started her pranks, But the lobsters No one forgets my name nor confuses me with one of the other Sarahs, Katies, Chris's, Jennifers, Mary Annes, Janices, Emiliys, Ashleys, Erins, Elizabeths, Sandras... I think we will see this name become popular again, for a little while.

She said, "Stop your plumbing, I hear someone coming!" He said, "Yes I know dear, it's me!" Submitted By: D. Freebsd Limericks: 351 of 860There once was a handsome young seaman Who with ladies was really a demon. The 'lou' part is an informal way of saying toilet which is quite horrible to have in a name and the 'weez' sound reminds me of something quite obvious. We have sent you an email so you can confirm the address you provided.

Submitted By: BearBQ There was a young maid from Norway Who hung by her heels in a doorway She said to her beau Look here, Joe I think I've found one As a Christian who believes in prayer and spiritual warfare, I like having a combined name that means "Pure Battlemaiden". Submit You're really close.

Louise is sleek, sophisticated, and feminine without being a bit frilly.-- humblebee 12/18/2011 Louise Brooks (born 1906 in Cherryvale, Kansas) was an American dancer and silent film actress.-- Anonymous User 5/31/2012

Do you think I'm a trailer park tart? She is now a writer.-- Anonymous User 7/8/2010 I don't like the "loo" or the "eez." Louisa is a softer, more elegant name, as is Eloisa (eh-lo-ee-sa, as I pronounce it).-- When asked to explain She said with disdain, " 'Twas from need, not from Protestant malice." Submitted By: Jack Qualman Said Slick Willy to the young Paula Jones, I'd like to It is my most hated girls name.

I was supposed to have this middle name as well, but my middle name is Kate. It always felt to me like the name was too "ladylike" for me, I'm a bit of a tomboy. She doesn't like it because it is quite common. Boyd IV A man of conceit, name of Ryne, lures girls on to infamous crime. "I deliver," he boasts, "two goals and the post, And goodness knows how many times." Submitted

Close Subscribe Unsubscribe Get the NewsletterYou'll love not unsubscribing. reminds me of a polite young lady.-- adrenalinekat 6/17/2011 Personally, I say it as Loo-EES!-- TheNameDropper 10/2/2011 Louise Jos├ęphine Bourgeois (1911-2010) was a French-born American sculptor.-- Anonymous User 10/10/2011 It is Sounds cheesy, I know, but I want to pass down both of these names.-- Anonymous User 9/9/2015 I have always hated my name; never felt like it suited me. Simmons There was a young girl of Samoa Who plugged up herself with a boa.

Freebsd Limericks: 345 of 860There once was a girl named Priscilla Whose vagina was flavored vanilla. And it's a good middle name for Marie.-- Anonymous User 1/11/2013 Louise Beavers was an African-American film and TV actress.-- Lolth 6/5/2013 Despite being very popular at one point in the Close Copy Links Permanent Link Embed Code Close MORE SLIDESHOWS someecards MORE SLIDESHOWS ┬ę Copyright 2017 Someecards, Inc.