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Has Anone Set Up And Large Wi-Fi Network Outside? Like A School?


AuthorSpaceShanty7 months ago from United KingdomSanjay, This guide is over 10,000 words, please read it throughout and I will be happy to answer any specific questions you have. The next day someone signed up for 90 days access from the new unit! Chicken wire around the chicken coup 30 feet from the house :) Same with horses and electric fencing. Two people have paid for 30 days access! navigate here

You’d then have wireless internet access in the previously barren room. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If it’s pointing horizontally, you won’t get the same amount of coverage. In this case its WAN port is used like a LAN port. http://www.securedgenetworks.com/blog/4-Ways-to-Design-Outdoor-Wireless-Networks-for-Mobile-Classrooms

How To Create Wifi Zone

Trenching fiber to mobile classrooms is extremely expensive in the short term as well a potential waste of money considering these classrooms are built to be mobile. What genre are games like Arcanists, Worm, Warlings? Tip: Use an unintuitive LAN Ethernet port on the new router -- the one that's converted to an access point -- and not the WAN port when connecting to the existing

I use Google but it needs improvement. March 2012 The new unit with the 8dbi antenna is much better, the signal is stronger and better quality locally. April 2013 There isn't much change since my last post, partly due to the bad weather but mostly due to a lack of funds and finding places to install more equipment. Cloudtrax And if the houses are especially large, you can even add multiple nodes to the house to provide excellent coverage in every room.

So you don't need any other dedicated hardware to implement this system, just a bunch of APs sprinkled across your site. How To Cover A Large Area With Wifi They don’t function like an indoor campus WLAN. Does Bayes theorem hold for expectations? https://turbofuture.com/computers/How-to-Build-a-Large-Citywide-WiFi-HotspotZone Advertisement Table Of ContentsIntroductionHow a Large WiFi Mesh Self Healing Network WorksThe Main Unit/Backhaul - Equipment for a Large WiFi ZoneInternet Connection for Your WiFi NetworkWiFi Hotspot Management SystemsLocating Sites &

Learn more. Open Mesh I read that using Apple TVs in this way is in a sense creating a use case for the device as they were never intended to be used in such an Basically, you want to put the second access point in a location where the signal of the existing router can't reach or gets really weak. up vote 1 down vote favorite In our school environment, we have a WPA2 network with simple username/password for joining all our Apple TVs.

How To Cover A Large Area With Wifi

Power line: A power-line adapter basically turns your home's electrical wiring into network cables; this is more clearly explained in Part 1. The benefit of this system is that you can buy the equipment from www.open-mesh.com with the firmware already installed, you just put a few details from the router into www.cloudtrax.com and How To Create Wifi Zone The 5Ghz spectrum is not so badly affected by water and is not so widely used so it is much better for providing back hauls. How To Catch Wifi Signal From Long Distance I can do this from the ground using the PoE/ethernet cable so no access issues.

These radio waves can be interfered with or obstructed, producing wireless “dead zones” or “dead spots.” Wireless signals won’t penetrate these dead zones, so wireless devices won’t receive a Wi-Fi signal http://zuneuser.com/how-to/hardware-setup-for-network.php In this case, make sure you use the same security settings (encryption key, method and so on). The cabled wireless access point will function like a shifted existing router, extending the wireless signal down the hallway. I am attempting to do the same but on a much larger scale, covering large residential areas. Outdoor Wifi Access Point

Would it be better to have the repeater method or the access point method, in this situation, to extend wireless range? Mobile Classroom Wireless Solution #1: Wireless Bridge You can literally think of a wireless bridge as simply extending a cable through the air. AuthorSpaceShanty18 months ago from United KingdomHi, the average outdoor range of wifi is about 100M so you will need a unit every 100M, you can use repeaters but you cannot repeat http://zuneuser.com/how-to/help-wireless-networking-over-large-distance.php As I predicted the introduction of 4G hasn't affected the WiFi business too much, mobile data is still expensive and people will always want to use the Internet as cheaply as

Once you’ve found them, you can experiment with a variety of solutions and fix whatever is causing the problem. Wireless Mesh Network All access points/repeaters will transmit and receive on the same frequency. If there’s a metal file cabinet, microwave oven, aquarium, or anything else that seems to be obstructing the signal from your router and producing a dead zone, move the obstruction (or

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Most devices cannot connect to 5Ghz range so you will need to connect it to a 2.4Ghz unit like the Engenius EOC1650/EOC2611 or Open Mesh OM2P. Provider has no suggestions for me.... However as it is mainly a back haul unit I will be able to easily place a few more units on higher surrounding buildings to get good coverage. Outdoor Wifi Antenna How should I think about this?

Since it's not possible to have that indoors, you can improve the signal a great deal by making sure the immediate surroundings of the router/modem are clear, especially in the directions Step 6: Install the Access Points Connect the access points to the existing router's LAN ports. IMHO very important thing to know. http://zuneuser.com/how-to/hello-your-network-is-insecure.php Most of these devices support Wi-Fi Protected Setup and can connect to the existing router with the push of a button; after that, you can just put one at the edge

However my project focuses on private residential buildings and small private local businesses. How do all the routers, access points, repeaters, switches, etc. The equipment consists of a unit similar to a domestic wifi router which can handle multiple users, billing/payments & wifi hotspot management systems and a powerful external wifi antenna (Shown in I will do this in the next few days and post the results. ****Update**** I have just successfully flashed my Engenius 2611 units with the new firmware and they are working

Click image for larger picture | Source Selling WiFi Access / VouchersThe Cloudtrax system uses access vouchers which are fully integrated with Paypal so once a user connects to your WiFi Rule of thumb: Make sure you back up the router's configuration settings before making changes. Pre-Test The Open-Mesh repeaters have a built-in test: The WLAN light will start blinking about 5-6 minutes after you plug on each node if it can find a gateway with a If you have a customer 1km away you can use 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz Point to Point link which is different from using repeaters.

Add an additional $200 per computer as the cost for the wired connection (including the cost of a switch port) and $13,000 gets 13 users on the network. But with a Wireless Mesh Router you can actually “hop” without losing the speed. The challenge for IT management is that the parents and school administrators expect that Wi-Fi and network access should be the same inside the mobile classrooms as it is inside the I have been doing lots of business networking trying to get local businesses on board and most seem really interested and I keep getting invited to networking events, I think the

They already have free WiFi there so I shouldn't have any trouble explaining the advantage of to them, you might think if they already have free wifi then why would they